3 Qualities of an Appealing Lead Magnet


In the past 15 years, compiling a large list quickly for email marketing was straightforward. When email marketing was still new, many people gave away their email addresses in exchange for a cheap report or a newsletter.

Things work differently now. However, the problem is that marketing manuals that teach list-building techniques from 15 years ago are still available. Even some new manuals teach this rehashed nonsense because the product designer has not created a list within the last ten years. 

Today’s list builders make many errors because of this. In exchange for an email address, they deliver an inferior quality lead magnet. That is one of the most common blunders marketers make.

The term “lead magnet” should tell you that it cannot be garbage. You can’t just re-publish an old PLR report. Forget about utilizing that resell rights report since the market is completely saturated with it. And don’t even consider offering something cheap simply because you’re giving it free.

If you do any of these things, you will be staring at tiny double-digit subscriber figures while daydreaming of five- and six-figure mailing lists. 

3 Qualities of an Appealing Lead Magnet

So let me share with you the qualities of a lead magnet that really attracts targeted prospects and gets them clamoring to join your list (and click on your links). Take a look.

It’s What Your Subscribers Want

Do not assume what your target market desires. Instead, you should engage in some market research.

The simplest method is to visit markets such as Amazon.com and Clickbank.com. Determine what’s selling like hotcakes in your industry, and then build a similar freebie. If your market is currently spending money on a specific type of product, such as a weight loss cookbook or a blogging guide, there’s a significant chance they will take advantage of your free offer. 

It’s Reusable.

The more subscribers utilize your lead magnet product, the greater their exposure to your branding, advertisements, and calls to action. You should therefore design a resource or tool that people will utilize repeatedly. Examples include: 

• A workbook.

• A checklist.

• An app or other piece of software.

So perhaps you have a report or ebook in mind. That’s great. Ensure that this ebook or report has information your subscribers can refer to often. For instance, you may include meal planning and recipes in an ebook on weight loss. 

It’s Valuable

Your lead magnet must be valuable. You should be able to charge $25, $50, or $100 for it.

Countless list builders make the mistake of using a low-quality product as a lead magnet. They believe the product’s value can be low since they give it away.

You should do the exact opposite. Demonstrate that the products you provide are superior to those of your competitors. Make the product valuable, and your users’ jaws will drop. It increases your opt-in and backend conversion rates as subscribers hurry to purchase your products. 


Lead magnets must live up to their name to attract prospects. However, your lead magnet must also effectively turn these prospects into cash-paying consumers. Using the tips mentioned above, you will be well on your way to developing lead magnets that build large mailing lists.

So far, what you’ve learned about list-building is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn more, check out our other email marketing articles. Follow us on FB or Twitter to get updates and the latest articles. Thanks for reading.

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