6 Smart Tactics for Pinterest Marketing


When you first begin promoting on Pinterest, it may be somewhat intimidating and confusing. However, with a bit of fiddling and, if required, study, you’ll quickly find your footing. Once you’ve gotten used to marketing and working on Pinterest, it’ll become rather enjoyable.

We have written multiple Pinterest tips on this website already. This time we will be adding more. Here are the six clever tactics to assist your Pinterest initiatives. 

Utilize Both Broad and Specific Keywords

You should now understand how critical it is to utilize keywords on Pinterest. However, do not forget to incorporate both broad and specific keyword phrases. They will assist you in reaching the most significant number of pinners in your target market. While some people look for particular pins, others have a general idea of what they’re looking for. Considering both perspectives is a prudent strategy for selecting keywords for your Pinterest marketing.

Contribute to Guest Boards

Whatever your niche, brands are constantly on the lookout for new connections. Contributing to Guest Boards in your industry on Pinterest is one way to do this. You’ll make connections and expand your following because when you contribute great content to Guest Boards, pinners on those boards will visit yours to see what else you have.

Establish Guest Boards

As with collaborating on Guest Boards, creating your own is a good idea. Allowing others in your niche to contribute to your boards expands your audience and establishes trust and a strong rapport with other niche marketers.

Tag Influencers

As with other social media platforms, you can tag influencers in your niche when you repin their content. You’ll want to approach this cautiously, though, but it’s an excellent way to garner attention from others. Everyone enjoys appreciation, and by communicating to influencers that you find their content worthy of sharing with your followers, they are likely to reciprocate.

Display Product Applications

One of the most common Pinterest mistakes made by marketers is pinning images of their products. The far superior method is to demonstrate product applications. It will assist potential customers in visualizing using the product, thereby demonstrating its versatility. Your images will gain more traction if you direct your target audience’s attention to the numerous ways they, too, can use your product to improve their lives.

Alternate your Promoted Pins Often

It may feel more natural to leave a Promoted Pin alone as long as it is performing well. However, research indicates that altering your Promoted Pins images, descriptions, and even keywords effectively increases your reach to pinners in your target market. On a similar note, if a Promoted Pin isn’t garnering the attention you’d hoped, tweak it while it’s still active to ascertain what pinners aren’t finding interesting.

That’s it for now. We hope the above tactics will get more excited to use Pinterest. Remember to have patience and take your time while engaging with the platform’s users. The results may take a while, but as long as you invest a little bit of time and work regularly, that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

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