6 Tips to Make Fear Your Ally


What makes you afraid? Is it losing a loved one? Or is it the need to visit the dentist? Perhaps you are fearful of thunderstorms, heights, or elevators. Whatever the cause, fear is natural. That is how our body alerts us to dangerous situations and warns us to be cautious.

However, sometimes our fears can be so great that they prevent us from reaching our full potential. They fill us with so much dread and uncertainty that we become permanently stressed and anxious over insignificant matters.

6 Tips to Make Fear Your Ally

Surprisingly, it can also be beneficial depending on how we manage our fears. It can motivate us to achieve new heights and inspire us to generate creative ideas.

One way to manage your fear is to make it your ally. Follow these six tips, and you can turn this adversary into a partner.

Let’s get started.

Determine the Source

It is likely the most challenging step, but it is worthwhile. However, to overcome your fear, you must first acknowledge its origin.

Understanding the root cause will initially be difficult, but it will strengthen you. No longer will you live in the shadow of that enormous, insurmountable fear.

Embrace It

Now is the time to accept the fear confronting you right now.

However, you must first admit that such-and-such truly terrifies you.

There are many ways to accomplish this. First, you can say it aloud, preferably to another person in a natural environment.

You can also record your thoughts in a journal or diary. The objective is to move it from your mind into reality. When this occurs, your fear loses its power over you.

It also feels better to share it with the world and get it off your chest.

You’ll be surprised by the number of individuals who share your fear.

Think logically.

Fear causes panic, and panic leads to foolish behavior. Research indicates that our prefrontal cortex shuts down during panic attacks. This region of the brain is responsible for logical reasoning.

Therefore, develop the ability to think logically despite your anxiety and panic. Research the actual probability of your fear coming true. For example, consider how often plane accidents occur if you are scared of flying. Possibility and probability are not the same. Just because it is possible does not mean it is probable.

Logical thinking will not happen immediately, and it might take much practice. But it is critical if you want to make fear your ally and progress much further in life. Get started with it instead of avoiding it.

Take Cues From Others

People respond differently to fear, stress, and anxiety. Some individuals enjoy being challenged and thrive under pressure. Others prefer to work at their own pace without the pressure of impending deadlines.

Regardless of your preference, it is essential not to let fear control you. For example, suppose you have a fear of public speaking. Then, a colleague fell ill and asked you to assume responsibility for the presentation you had prepared for weeks.

In this situation, you must decide whether to allow your fear to overcome you or rise to the occasion.

The latter will not be simple, but it will be well worth the effort in the long run. Be objective and remind yourself that others have given presentations in the past and survived. What then is the big deal?

Remember that your mind tends to exaggerate things. Consequently, find a way to manage the stress and take courage. It is the only way to overcome your fear and complete the task.

Seek Assistance

A solid support network increases your success in handling anything in life. Surround yourself with individuals who inspire you to perform better. These individuals listen as you express your fears and anxieties and who still choose to love you unconditionally.

Numerous studies have been conducted on the advantages of having a support system. It provides you with practical coping skills while enhancing your self-esteem and well-being.

Moreover, a solid support system can reduce the incidence of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Be Positive

When you are afraid, you tend to concentrate on negative thoughts and feelings. Then, they fester in your mind and mutate into a monstrous, uncontrollable entity.

Why not experiment with optimism for a change? Remember that the mind is quite potent; it only requires a slight nudge in the right direction.


We hope you enjoyed this article about how to make fear your ally as a way of managing your fear. We know that fear can be one of the most overwhelming emotions for people, but we also know that it can be a powerful supporter. We hope this article has provided a glimpse into how fear can help you and have you considering how you might use fear in your life. Keep these tips in mind when feeling fearful, and you will feel more confident about the decisions you make for yourself! 

Thank you for reading. We would love to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime with your questions or concerns.

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