Commission Gorilla: How to Correct These 3 Major Affiliate Mistakes


Every day and every promotion is an opportunity for growth as an affiliate marketer. If you are still relatively new to affiliate marketing, you may not yet aware that there is plenty of room for error. However, you can reduce the learning curve by avoiding the following three mistakes.

3 Affiliate Mistakes You Need to Correct Right Away

Mistake #1: Promoting everything and anything

Your subscribers and blog readers are looking for someone to help them navigate the weekly influx of new products in your niche. Your reputation will suffer if you promote anything and everything as the best thing since sliced bread.

So, what then?

Be truthful regarding the product. Write your ads and reviews instead of using vendor-supplied cut-and-paste ads. Tell your customers the pros, cons, and ugly of every product. If you do not recommend something, explain why. If you do, give them a compelling reason to purchase immediately through your link.

That brings us to the following common mistake:

Mistake #2: Not Adding Value

There are dozens of affiliates dropping links in front of your prospect. Why should they do business with you?

The answer is that you offer a phenomenal bonus for purchases made through your affiliate link.

It could be a report, a gear list, an application, membership site access, or even a workshop seat. It must be highly pertinent to the product or service you promote, desirable, and valuable.

What is the expected result? You can generate up to five times more sales and commissions than simply placing a link in front of prospects by offering a bonus.

However, you may have noticed that loading bonus offer pages are a pain in the neck. That brings us to the 3rd mistake:

Mistake #3: Attempting to do everything manually

When it comes to affiliate marketing, speed is crucial. By the time you become aware of a product launch, you may have only a day or two left to collect the lucrative commissions. You don’t have a moment to spare. You must quickly post your offers or risk losing your commissions.

Therefore, you should not attempt to do everything manually. The super affiliates automate everything possible, including creating bonus pages and delivery.


How can you correct these three affiliate mistakes quickly and easily?

The answer is Commission Gorilla, a software developed by two super affiliates who desired a quick and straightforward method for creating bonus pages. The software is also user-friendly. You can create pages by dragging and dropping components. No code is necessary. Simply log in to your dashboard and click your way to a gorgeous bonus page with a high conversion rate.

If you’re prepared to take your affiliate business to the next level, you’ll also want to obtain this tool. Click the banner below for more details.

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