4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals

4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals


Dreaming is free; achieving it is not. So how can you achieve your dreams?

4 Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals

Nobody else is responsible for achieving your goals but you. Here are the four steps that you can take to achieve them.

Imagine it’s real.

Imagine every detail so clearly as if it is already there. Feel the emotions of being there. For example, if you want a car, then be specific about it? What color? Imagine you are sitting in it. How does it feel or smell? Go for a drive in it. Take a real test drive if available! Get a picture and look at it each day. Visualize it several times a day until it becomes part of you. This action is vital for your subconscious to help you achieve your dream or reach your goals.

Break the dream down into specific and measurable goals.

If you dream of something that costs a certain amount of money, like a car, you will set a date when you want to get it. Once you have your target date, break down your timeline into segments. For example, you can set the date one year from today. Then break it down into a goal for each month, each week, then for each day. It is easier to start with the days and then multiply out to the weeks and months.

Determine the specific actions to reach each minor milestone.

Now that you know your specific timeline, you need to determine the specific actions to reach each minor milestone. If it is a money goal, decide how much money you need to save each day, like in the example above. Lastly, figure out what specific actions you need to take each day to do that.

If your goal is to accomplish a project, break down the timeline into different steps you need to finish to get the entire project done. Take, for example writing a book. You need to do some research before writing it. Your first major milestone is to complete it. After that, set a time to complete your basic outline. Then a time to complete each chapter. Then a time for editing. You can break each significant step down into little steps that you must do each day to finish the objective by your target date.

Work to Achieve the Tiny Milestones.

Now that you have the tiny milestones to achieve your big goal ask yourself if the daily task is reasonable. Be honest. If you know it is achievable, then you have your plan. If it is challenging to meet each day’s requirement, revisit your timeline until you have something you know you can do every day. With that, you have set yourself up for sure for success!


It’s just like the ancient philosopher said: A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The size of your dreams doesn’t matter. If you break it down into milestones and milestones to tasks that you can do each day, you are already on your way to get it. Reaching your milestones, indeed, assure you that you are on your way to achieving them. Your confidence will significantly improve and you can continue to receive the desire to do whatever actions are required each day!

Celebrate your achievement, even the little ones, and enjoy your journey to your inevitable success!

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