ClickDesigns: A Point-and-Click Design Tool

ClickDesigns: A Point-and-Click Design Tool


Need help with website or blog design or other graphic needs?

ClickDesigns offers a simplified solution! This all-in-one graphic design tool caters to web pages, blogs, page builders, and sales funnels. With ClickDesigns, you can create stunning graphics without the need to handle complex software or wait for designers. 

Whether you’re starting a business or already established, ClickDesigns can help you expand your reach and connect with customers. It can also assist you in enhancing your website to increase your visitor count and sign-ups.

ClickDesigns: A Point-and-Click Design Tool

ClickDesigns can help boost your online business. This intuitive design platform offers a wide range of graphics, designs, and pages to save you time and money. From product bundles to logos and box shots, ClickDesigns has got you covered. Plus, with cloud-based technology, creating stunning designs is quick and easy.

What Are ClickDesigns Key Features?

Here are some of ClickDesigns key features:

Unlimited Customization

Explore your creative potential with ClickDesigns! The platform provides an array of customization options, including alignments, effects, fonts, and other elements, that can assist you in bringing your concepts to fruition. The opportunities are boundless, so let your creativity run free!

Unlimited Importing and Exporting

Do you need help editing, importing, and exporting multiple designs? Look no further! ClickDesigns offers limitless importing and editing capabilities, allowing you to export your designs as often as necessary. With ClickDesigns, you can finally streamline your design process and improve productivity.

Unlimited HR Download

You can export your designs in JPG or PNG format, maintaining their high-quality resolution even when scaled up. Whether you want to download the design with a background or keep it transparent is entirely up to you.

Unlimited Flexibility

No more struggling to make your vision a reality! If you’ve visualized it, you can make it happen. ClickDesign has what you need to kickstart any design quickly.

1-Click Design Loader

You no longer have to spend time recreating designs in different formats or sizes. You can preload your designs across various types and sizes with just one click.

1-Click Instant Publishing

Publishing your designs has never been easier, thanks to ClickDesigns! Your work can be published quickly and effortlessly with just one simple click.

Canvas Resizing

Have you ever started working on a canvas, only to realize that the size is incorrect halfway through? Don’t worry! You can resize the canvas immediately without restarting to fit your design better.

Canvas Zoom In & Out

To closely examine your design, click on the zoom-in button. It will enable you to scrutinize all the details thoroughly. Conversely, the zoom-out function is available for a broader design view. These are just a few of the options at your disposal.

What are the main benefits of using ClickDesigns?

For those seeking to create stunning web pages, ClickDesigns is the perfect solution. The benefits are numerous and impressive:

  • You’ll see increased clicks, leads, and sales due to the software’s exceptional attraction and engagement.
  • You can quickly create professional graphics with ClickDesigns’ user-friendly, easy-to-use point-and-click and drag-and-drop tools.
  • You won’t have to wait months to launch your product or service, as ClickDesigns offers an “A Grade” design that is fast and effortless to use.
  • You can access ready-to-use, dynamic, and beautiful templates over 28 niche categories.
  • Your sign-ups and sales will skyrocket thanks to highly captivating and impactful designs.
  • With one click, you can transform your blogs, websites, and sales funnels into powerful selling machines.
  • You don’t need any prior experience in creative graphic design or technical coding to begin.
  • You will receive a FREE commercial license that permits you to sell your designs to customers and clients globally.

Discover how ClickDesigns can revolutionize your web design experience today!

Who Can Use ClickDesigns?

In today’s business world, graphic design is crucial, and ClickDesigns offers the perfect solution for EVERYONE. Here are some of the ways how:

  • Digital marketers can effectively promote their products and services with impressive visuals.
  • Bloggers can stand out and rank high on search engines.
  • Video creators can enhance their projects with value-adding graphics and illustrations.
  • Social media marketers can improve visibility and engagement across networks with captivating visuals. 
  • Online course creators can create show-stopping content with ClickDesigns’ digital device mockups, product bundles, and covers.
  • Authors, publishers, and software creators can benefit from mesmerizing covers and multiple digital device mockups, product box shots, covers, and bundles.
  • Entrepreneurs can attract and retain customers with jaw-dropping designs and skyrocket their business. 
  • E-commerce and brick-and-mortar store owners can increase sales with stunning product shots and group shots. 
  • Freelancers can utilize ClickDesigns as a side hustle or full-time gig. ClickDesigns is the ultimate solution for anyone who needs top-notch graphic design.

Whatever your graphic needs are, ClickDesigns can deliver it for you!

Are There Any Upsells?

➡️ Upgrade 1: ClickDesigns UNLIMITED

With ClickDesigns Unlimited, you can take your design game to the next level. Access an extensive library of 1,000 premium design templates, a custom template designer, and a 1-click design cloner. The best part? You’ll never run out of storage space with unlimited storage for all your projects, designs, and downloads. It means endless opportunities to increase your profits.

➡️ Upgrade 2: ClickDesigns Professional

Gain access to diverse, high-quality mockups, including real-world and photo-realistic options, offline banner mockups, and handheld device mockups. You can also take advantage of top-notch resources such as designer worksheets, checklists, cheat sheets, and the Custom Digital Device Builder and Product Group Shots Pro. You can enhance your clicks, leads, and sales with various styles, angles, and shots.

➡️ Upgrade 3: Design Pages

Design Pages will take your web pages or blog builder to the next level. Choose from custom backgrounds, premade colors, patterns, and image designs to make your pages stand out. Access page theme designs, illustration and scene templates, and annotation design templates to add extra creativity. Create your own vector illustrations and illustrative scenes for even more customization. All these features will help drive traffic and boost sales, making Design Pages an excellent choice for website owners looking to elevate their online presence.

➡️ Upgrade 4: ClickDesigns Agency

With ClickDesigns Agency, you and your clients enjoy many benefits. You’ll have access to a team of experts, customizable branding options, and an account control center. The design collaboration and project management tools streamline your workflow, while the bulk downloads and watermark engine offer added ease and security. ClickDesigns Agency also offers stealth sharing, cloud storage, and unlimited hosting and storage, including ClickDrive for Agency. Plus, enjoy FREE additional design templates for a year. ClickDesigns Agency can provide top-notch tools for success.

ClickDesigns Demo

Check out the video below for a quick ClickDesigns demo.


ClickDesigns is a must-have tool for anyone with graphics needs. Its user-friendly editor, which allows you to easily point-and-click and drag-and-drop, simplifies the design process.

Experience the freedom to create stunning designs at lightning speed with ClickDesigns. Enhance your online presence by attracting more traffic with ease. Streamlining your design process with ClickDesigns will save precious time, money, and effort while enjoying a surge in traffic and profits. All essential graphic design tools are available in one convenient place with ClickDesigns.

ClickDesigns’ 1-click publishing is an impressive feature that eliminates the need for manual design work by coders and webmasters. This results in significant time and cost savings and the ability to achieve stunning designs in mere minutes without the need for graphic designers or maintaining an in-house team. Investing in ClickDesigns is a wise choice.

Check out more about ClickDesign here.

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