3 Major Obstacles to Wellness and Their Solutions


No issue on the earth is more perplexing than weight loss. Thousands of volumes have been written on the subject, and each one contradicts the last. However, there is a simple key to permanent weight loss.  The capacity to maintain a daily practice of healthy, moderate diet and exercise habits long enough to achieve desired results and then retain those achievements for lifelong success! It may look simple; it is not! We live in a society where everything should be simple and bigger is better. The norms are gluttony and immediate pleasure.

Three hurdles, in my opinion, obstruct our capacity to follow the healthy, moderate food and exercise habits required to get the results we desire:

  1. We derive the majority of our enjoyment in life from the food we eat.
  2. In terms of health and fitness, there is a lack of long-term self-discipline.
  3. There is a lack of long-term self-motivation.

Let’s look at the details.  

First Obstacle

The majority of individuals are so busy that the food they consume is their greatest pleasure. It is a real threat that prevents long-term weight loss. When you’ve been burning the candle at both ends all day, rushing from one commitment to the next, you want your meal to be exceptional because you deserve it.


Find strategies to gain more enjoyment out of each day. Every day, set aside ten minutes to read your favorite book or magazine, talk on the phone with a buddy for a few minutes, or start a new pastime. It doesn’t take much time; discover alternative methods to fill up on pleasure, so you don’t have to eat as much. 

2nd Obstacle

The majority of people lack the brain chip that enables joyous self-discipline in health and fitness. Most of us must be disciplined to arrive on time, meet deadlines, and obey traffic laws, but not restrict our food intake or exercise regularly. Some argue that they don’t want to be rigorous about eating and exercise since they have to be diligent in other areas.


To develop long-term self-discipline, you must concentrate on the prize at the end, instead of the difficulty of the journey. So, compose a list of the top 10 benefits you’ll get from losing weight. You should also consider how much being overweight costs you. Does it cost you your dignity? What brings you delight and makes you feel alive in life? Have you lost a job or a relationship as a result of it? It’s a lot easier to practice self-discipline when you remember the benefits and the costs.   

3rd Obstacle

It’s easy to become motivated around January 1st, but what happens when March 1st rolls around? Or the first time you see a brownie? Most individuals, believe it or not, are not in command of their motivation. They think that simply wanting something is sufficient motivation, yet this is not the case. 


Every day, you must reinvent your motivation. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. List of your top 10 reasons why you want to lose weight.
  2. List the people who inspire you to lose weight and why they do so.
  3. In the morning and evening, go over these lists, as well as the ones you made before. 


Your motivation changes over time, so what motivated you last week might not motivate you this week. Make sure to review your lists frequently. You will lose weight if you conquer these obstacles because you will discover new ways to enjoy doing it over time. You’ll develop positive self-control and learn to eat less while still enjoying it, and you’ll have to reinvent your motivation every day to keep it all going. 

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