9 Tips to Find Your Motivation


Have you ever woken up wanting to stay in bed? How about the mornings when you awaken and leap from the bed, ready to conquer the world? What is the distinction between these two scenarios?

Motivation. That’s what compels us to establish objectives and – more crucially – what propels us toward them. Continue reading the recommendations below if you want to find yours.

9 Tips to Find Your Motivation

Here are the ten tips that can help you find your motivation:

Determine Your Dreams and Aspirations

What good is inspiration if you have no idea what you want? Without a clear picture of what you want, you will not generate enough motivation to overcome the inevitable difficulties. Make your dreams big enough that any obstacle will seem small.

Understand Why You Want It

This phase is equally as critical as determining what you want. Why are you pursuing specific objectives? What impact will it have on your life? Consider all the people you do not wish to disappoint in your life. These are the critical “whys.”

Establish Goals That Excite You

While having dreams can give you the long-term picture, your goals can give you the short-term direction. Therefore, setting sensible, attainable goals is beneficial. I would never advocate for ceasing to do so. However, it can also be helpful to establish some somewhat daring or outlandish goals. While these goals may appear unattainable yet, the prospect of achieving them in the future may serve as a motivator in the present.

Monitor and Measure Your Progress

Monitoring and evaluating your progress is critical for motivation. When you can see the results of your work, your motivation will automatically increase. Without tracking and measuring, how will you know if you are succeeding? How can you identify clear areas where you need adjustments? Surely, you will encounter challenges along the way. Things sometimes don’t seem to work out. Instead of guessing, your knowing clearly why prevents you from being disappointed or discouraged.

Reward Yourself

Self-rewarding will help you stay motivated. If you are tracking your success, ensure that you also reward yourself. When you can see the ultimate reward going closer and closer, you are more likely to persevere. Meantime, little rewards from your daily progress can keep you moving forward.

Utilize Your Social Network

Establishing accountability via your social group is an excellent approach. When you have a lofty objective in mind, communicate it to the people in your life. Apart from the possibility of their assisting you, it will also make you more accountable. The irony is that we are more prone to disappoint ourselves than our loved ones.

Fake It

Are you lacking motivation or vitality today? Consider faking it. This strategy will not always work, but it may help you get through a lazy morning or two. Utilize music to energize yourself. Drink a cup of coffee. If necessary, jump around. Anything that will help you feel a little more energized, do it.

Consider Taking Action

Have you ever sat down to work and found yourself unable to begin? Often, all it takes to re-energize your motivation is completing a single basic activity. Choose the most straightforward, most direct path to achieving any of your goals and take it. It will almost certainly push you to take on the next obstacle.

Find Your Source of Inspiration

A variety of factors inspire people. If you want to enhance your motivation, you must first determine what inspires you. Perhaps it is a specific style of music. Maybe you’re referring to a view from your home. It could be a motivational speaker or a well-known somebody. Determine what triggers your motivation and arrange time each day to immerse yourself in it.

Next Steps

Hopefully, these tips can help you take action. Here are three easy steps that you can take to get started:

  1. Consider all of your objectives and desires. Now, explain why each is significant to you. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, narrow your focus to one or two primary goals. Write it down. It’s important.
  2. Continue to consider the objectives outlined in the previous tip. Now think about how you may motivate yourself along the road by rewarding yourself for reaching certain milestones. What is a good reward? When is the appropriate moment for it? Again, write it down.
  3. Identify at least three things that genuinely inspire you. Perhaps it’s a TedTalk available on YouTube. It might be a music playlist that you can play whenever you want. Whatever it is, discover what activates your pursuing self and immerse yourself in it.

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