2 Key Starting Points To Success

2 Key Starting Points To Success

Emulating successful individuals is vital for success. However, how do you go about doing that? If you ask them for guidance, though, be cautious. People often don’t understand why they succeed, but they’ll offer you as many reasons as you want. On the TV one night, I saw a 100-year-old guy explain that one of the secrets to his life was smoking a large cigar every day. It’d be good to know why he’s lived so long, but I doubt we’ll find out by asking him. 

Here are the two key starting points to success by emulating successful people:

Study Successful People Carefully

Rather than doing what successful people say, do what they do. Naturally, you’ll have to examine attentively and use some logic to figure out what’s driving their success. Studying what they do is more important than what they say. For example, according to a successful real estate investor, setting goals is a waste of time. However, as I observed and listened to him, I saw that he understood where he wanted to be with his initiatives in six months. Of course, that’s goal-setting, but he just dubbed it something else.

Always pay attention to what successful individuals have to say, but read between the lines as well. Listen for clues about how people tackle problems and how they think about things. Let’s say a successful basketball player advises you to practice more, yet after a terrific shot, he casually says, “I saw that going in.” Isn’t it about time you started picturing your shots? 

Model Successful People

You may not always be aware of the factors that contribute to a person’s success. Internet marketers often promote their websites by exchanging links, but the proprietors of other websites would not react to my emails when I first sought to trade connections with them. Then I came upon a simple email message that a successful internet marketer had used to obtain links. I thought it was foolish and wanted to change it, but I went ahead and tried it anyway. It worked over and over again. 

It’s more important to do the right thing than to comprehend why it’s the right thing. Understanding is necessary, but at first, it may be beneficial to replicate many of the successful person’s actions, attitudes, and methods. Even if you don’t understand what success is, try to emulate it. As you gain experience, you can eliminate pieces that aren’t contributing and replace them with your own. Does it matter if you know right away which modifications were the most beneficial if you model a good parent and your life with your children improves? Obviously, not. Is it more important to know why what you’re doing is working? Sure, but you might never understand why some things operate, and that’s fine.

Studying successful individuals and doing what they do, not what they say, are the two key starting points to success. As human beings, we were born helpless. So how do you think you moved from there to where you are now? You looked up to the people around you and followed them. It’s the same thing. This time you are just doing it purposely.


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