5 Areas on Pinterest to Optimize for Better Exposure

5 Areas on Pinterest to Optimize for Better Exposure

As with most other online locations, businesses should optimize their Pinterest profiles to ensure they rank higher in the search algorithm.

Most businesses are unaware of or unconcerned about this, which makes it all the more critical for astute business owners like you. Simply by optimizing your Pinterest account with the best, most accurate keywords, you can get your Pinterest marketing to work for you.

Utilize the Pinterest search box to discover the best keywords for your business. When you begin typing your ideal keyword, it will auto-complete with various long-tail keywords, just like on Google. Long-tail keywords are suitable for Pinterest because they enable you to be extremely specific, ensuring that only the right people see your pins.

There are several locations where you’ll want to include your keywords for optimal optimization.

On your online profile

Include a few keywords immediately following your business name in your profile to ensure that people immediately understand what you do. Additionally, you should include keyword phrases in your bio.

On your pinboards

Too many businesses have cute names for their boards, such as “Sweets for the Sweet.” Regrettably, that name is unlikely to appear in a search.

They should instead title the board “Sugar-free Desserts.” That is a phrase that individuals will type into the Pinterest search box. Along with naming your boards with keyword phrases, you should incorporate them into the board descriptions as well. Numerous businesses leave these blank when they could be helpful. Either create a keyword list or incorporate them into a paragraph. You have a total of 500 characters. Use it.

On your pins

This one is a little trickier, but it is possible. Because Pinterest only allows 50 characters for the pin description, you’ll want to work on creating a concise, captivating description for each pin that incorporates relevant keywords.

Bear in mind that long-tail keywords are preferable.

On your image pins

To gain an even more significant competitive advantage, rename your pin images with meaningful keywords. The majority of businesses do not consider this. Instead of image48527.jpeg, use sugarfree-chocolate-cake.jpeg to gain significantly more attention on Pinterest.

In your blog entries

Did you know that including exact keywords in the title and body of your post will help you optimize it for Pinterest? It most certainly will! Therefore, ensure that the keywords on your position and pins are consistent.

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