9 Basic Tips for a Better Pinterest Marketing Experience

9 Basic Tips for a Better Pinterest Marketing

If you’re a marketer who isn’t using Pinterest, you’re missing out on one of the largest and most versatile and powerful platforms available. While Pinterest is not quite as popular as Facebook in terms of pure users, it is not nearly as far behind. Additionally, it possesses a slew of distinctive characteristics that give excellent chances for the astute marketer.

There are several Pinterest posts already on this website if you need more convincing. However, if you are ready to start your Pinterest marketing journey, here are some essential tips to help get a better experience on the platform.

Stop believing the myth.

If you think Pinterest is only for middle-aged women, you are wrong. This site has grown in popularity across all demographics, including age, race, and gender. Virtually every niche and industry uses the platform. It would be prudent for you to join them.

Create a business account.  

A business account allows you to access critical aspects of Pinterest marketing, such as Analytics, Promoted Pins, and Rich Pins. A personal Pinterest profile will put your brand at a disadvantage. You can keep your personal profile and then create a separate business profile or convert personal to a business profile.

Use long-tailed keywords. 

Pinterest is a search engine used as a social media platform. The search function is unmatched by that of any other social media platform. Pinterest makes extensive use of long-tail keywords, which are critical for establishing and maintaining your account. Utilize them in your profile, board descriptions, and Promoted Pins.

Complete your profile information.

When creating your account, spend time filling out your profile and naming your boards with keywords, not cutesy names that people won’t be able to find in the search box. Many businesses do not utilize these features, so you will be a step ahead of the competition by implementing them.

Take advantage of the Pinterest business tools.

The primary reason for creating a business account on Pinterest is to gain access to the site’s unique business features. Once you have your business account, take advantage of the tools Pinterest has to offer. The platform provides you with information on how to use the tools.

Maximize the effectiveness of Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm.

The Smart Feed feature allows users to have internet or search-based feeds instead of chronological ones. It determines where your pin goes based on quality, mix, or interest. You can take advantage of this by pinning and repinning only the highest-quality images and content from reputable sources (including yours).

Experiment with scheduler tools.

According to studies, pinning multiple times a day is the most effective way to ensure traction. Experiment with a few Pinterest scheduling tools to determine which one works best for your needs to make this process easier.

Be consistent.

Consistency is just as critical on Pinterest as it is on other social media platforms. Unlike on any other social media platform, Pinners visit Pinterest to shop. This platform helps make many purchasing decisions, and you can take advantage of this as well. Scheduling tools allow you to pin new content consistently. 

Provide compelling CTA’s (Call To Action).

After Facebook, Pinterest has the highest referral rate for traffic. Utilize this by providing compelling CTAs (calls to action) that direct your followers to the next step. You will see the difference in the long term by guiding your visitors on their journey towards understanding how you or your product can help them.

Pinterest has a large user base and the advantage of being a site that visitors may access without creating an account. Additionally, Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing platforms, suggesting that your potential reach is far greater than you initially believed. Therefore, you need to be on Pinterest, which is even more true when you consider numerous ways to flourish on the network, even if your niche is not creative or visually oriented. Hopefully, the above tips can help you start the right way. You can read more Pinterest marketing posts on this website if you want more information.

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