8 Top Money Blocks and How to Solve Them


As humans, it is easy for us to look for reasons and solutions externally whenever we face problems or challenges. The same is true in wealth building. It’s too easy to point to the economy, politicians, or ex-spouses for our financial difficulties. But the world is filled with wealth. The problem can be internal rather than external. In fact, you can accumulate far more wealth than you could ever spend, but you must first train your mind to think positively. Improve yourself, and your circumstances will also improve. 

8 Top Money Blocks and How To Solve Them

When it comes to money, there could be a lot of faulty beliefs that you have accumulated over the years. They could be coming from your parents, your neighbors, or any other influential person in your life, like teachers or close friends. The longer you have those beliefs, the more you believe them as truths, and the harder it will be to question them.

Let’s see how your attitude about money affects you and how to get around them.

Money is the root of all evil.

If you believe money is evil, it will be difficult for you to accumulate wealth and enjoy financial abundance. Most of us have an intense emotional response to the concept of evil. We all want to be good.


Remember that money is simply a convenient mean of exchanging value between individuals. There is nothing intrinsically evil about a piece of paper, a metal coin, or a bank balance number. Utilize it constructively, and there will be no ill effects. 

Instead, remember that money can make you more of what you already are. Money can amplify your nature. It is just a tool, so it’s neither good nor bad. It all depends on the person using it. The question is: what kind of person are you?

Only greedy people want a large amount of money.

It’s probably not just money. There are indeed greedy individuals who desire great wealth. But many people who are not greedy would enjoy having more money and can do more good.


Once again, remember is just an amplifier, making you more of what you are. Understand that money can provide the means to create the life you desire. It offers options, grants you independence, and allows you to help others. These are things that everyone wants. Again, money is just a tool.

People won’t like me if I am wealthy.

Are you concerned that you will be lonely or despised for being wealthy? If so, you will have difficulty creating wealth. You often act on what you believe.


Everything you do may result in the gain or loss of friends. Some individuals would dislike you if you colored your hair red, but others would begin to like you for the same reason.

Good people will surround you if you live your life in the best way possible. Don’t worry too much about how people will react if you live your life the way you want. It’s your life. 

I’m not good with money.

The belief that you cannot manage money will prevent you from getting more of it. It will make you fearful, which will make you do dumb things.


Learn financial management skills. There are numerous excellent books and websites on the subject. There is no excuse for not having the financial knowledge necessary to manage money well. You can study whatever interests you. We live in the information age where knowledge is just a click away.

I grew up poor.

Adaptability enables us to survive but not to thrive. If you grew up in poverty or spent a significant portion of your adult life with little money, you may have become accustomed to your current financial situation. It becomes a comfort zone. You may not be happy, but at least you know how to manage the situation.


Consider taking a chance on a life with more options and less financial stress. You can always return to your previous lifestyle if you decide that having money is not for you.

If you have the gifts you can profit from, use them, so they don’t go to waste. If you don’t need the money, use it to help other people.

I’ll have time when I’m older to worry about finances.

It’s the big one. Time is a crucial factor. Waiting too long to begin saving and investing can damage your financial future. 


Discover the power of time and compound interest by using an online savings calculator and experimenting with it. Remember that you don’t have to start big. If you only have a penny to save, then save it. Getting into the habit is much more critical when just starting out, not the amount. But you will be surprised by its impact in the long run. 

I’ll just give it all away.

It is a common symptom among individuals with money blocks who manage to accumulate extra funds. It does not feel right, so they give everything away. 


It feels good to be able to help other people, but you must also take care of yourself. One way to get around this is to create a charity fund. It can be as simple as creating an actual bank account or virtual account where you can put a certain percentage or amount of your income to give away. When it runs out, that’s your cue to stop, at least temporarily.

I don’t deserve to be wealthy.

If you do not believe you deserve it, achieving it will not be easy. You may think you lack intelligence, are lazy, or have the wrong background. Regardless of the cause, this is a significant money block. 


Realize that you are deserving of everything you work for. You are entitled to live a happy life. Wealth gives you freedom, especially time freedom, allowing you to do what you want to enjoy your life.


Many people have difficulties with money and find themselves stuck in a money block without even realizing how much it affects their lives. Take a look at the tips in our blog to clear your money block today, and be prepared to see a positive change in your financial future. 

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