5 Ways To Boost Your Mental Energy

5 Ways To Boost Your Mental Energy


Your mental energy affects your motivation, concentration, and thinking. Life’s challenges and stressful events decrease your mental energy. Rather than become frustrated and lose your focus, you can boost your mental energy to help you succeed.

5 Ways To Boost Your Mental Energy

Here are five simple ways to feel and stay mentally energized.

Brain Puzzles

Crosswords, Sudoku, and jigsaw puzzles are all brain puzzles that help you focus and work out your mind. According to South Mountain Memory Care, jigsaw puzzles and other brain games help connect the creative right and logical left sides of your brain, boosting your mental energy. 

Brain puzzles reinforce connections between brain cells, improving your memory. Doing a brain puzzle that you find fun relieves stress, which boosts your mood and energy level. Chronic stress can make you feel tired and hurt your body, so brain puzzles are also good for your overall health.

Solitary brain puzzles on paper or electronic devices give you alone time to focus on yourself and restore your energy. Group activities, like jigsaw puzzles, have the added benefit of allowing you to spend time with family and friends.  

Call An Old Friend

As we age, we learn life lessons and ways to overcome challenges. When you talk about the past with an old friend, you remember your successes, dealings with failure, and overcoming problems. As we go through life, we face new difficulties and sometimes forget that we may have already solved something similar. 

Putting what you know from the past to use in the present gives you more mental energy and helps you solve problems. Instead of feeling frustrated and adding to your stress level, talking with an old friend can boost your energy and mood.

Read Something New

Are you a fan of horror fiction, romance novels, or detective stories? Maybe you prefer to read technical manuals and scientific studies that involve your work. No matter what you like to read, expand your experience and boost your mental energy by reading something new and different.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, found that reading different kinds of books helps you learn about many different things. Increasing your understanding of new subjects lets you spot overall patterns quicker. It increases your analytical thinking skills. Having better analytical skills makes it easier to manage challenges and reduces stress. 

Finding solutions boosts your self-esteem and energy.

Reading something new and outside your usual choices also improves concentration and creativity. You are exercising your brain by giving it something new to focus on and contemplate. It helps boost your mental energy and increase your knowledge.

Develop a Morning Routine

Start your day with a mental energy boost by developing a morning routine. Instead of using your mental energy to decide what to wear, pack for lunch, or find your briefcase and keys, you can start your day organized and energetic.  

The writers at Forbes, a magazine for successful business people, state that having a morning routine helps them get and stay focused. It gives them the mental energy to manage their day instead of tiring them out before their workday has even begun. By adding exercise or meditation to your morning routine, you also boost your physical and mental energy.


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing on and being in the now. It helps you focus on what is happening to you in the present and how you can best solve your current problems. Worrying about the past and being worried about the future both make you feel more stressed and drain your mental energy. 

Being mindful also creates gratitude, which decreases stress and improves the mind-body connection. 

Mindfulness and gratitude boost your mental energy by making you more relaxed and focused.


Your mental energy is a valuable resource that helps you overcome obstacles, manage stress, and reach your goals. You can increase your mental energy by working out your brain, making connections between the past and the present, learning more, having a routine in the morning, and practicing mindfulness.

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