5 Major Causes Of Burnout


In our previous post, we talked about the signs of burnout. In this installment of our burnout series, let’s discuss another burnout topic: causes of burnout. It is essential to understand these causes to know where you are potentially heading.

5 Major Causes Of Burnout

Your occupation, lifestyle, and personality can be the primary source of burnout. These include feeling overworked, underappreciated, having a negative mental attitude, lacking life balance, and being in a stressful setting. These several elements can raise your likelihood of experiencing burnout in your life.

Feeling Overworked

Being overworked is quite prevalent. There are numerous demands on your time, energy, and effort. Our to-do lists are increasing daily, and you are expected to complete them. Handling our job responsibilities, managing our home, raising a family, engaging in social activities, and more can take much of our limited time. Yet, we are expected to perform at a high level. Therefore, it is easy to experience burnout.

You can reduce your feeling overworked by taking a break and reevaluating your duties. Examine your current workload and determine if there is anything you can eliminate. If time off is available and possible, take it to allow yourself to catch up.

Perhaps you are spending a great deal of time on an unimportant task you do not have to do. If possible, attempt to delegate more manageable personal responsibilities to other household members. It could include menial ones such as dishwashing and laundry.

Feeling Underestimated

There are many tasks, yet you still manage to finish them. But does anyone appreciate you? It is pretty easy to become preoccupied with how others see your worth. In addition to not feeling appreciated for your efforts, not knowing what they think and say about you can be a significant source of burnout.

Talking with the people around you can help you regain your sense of worth. Ask your supervisor if you are performing well or what they thought of your most recent project. If someone is delighted with your work, they will likely commend you when you inquire about your performance.

Mental Outlook

Your mental viewpoint can play a significant role in your feeling exhausted. Those naturally more pessimistic, controlling, or perfectionists are more likely to experience this issue.

When you are more pessimistic, it can be easy to focus on all the tasks you need to complete or how you feel like you’re failing and not meeting others’ or your standards.

For a perfectionist, the situation is essentially identical. Individuals that are controlling strive to exert control over every potential scenario. Frequently, they believe that anything less than their absolute best is unacceptable.

Typically, this is impossible because there is nothing in life over which we have complete control. Other people will frequently do things we do not anticipate or desire. When you hold these perspectives, it is simple to become exhausted.

To combat burnout, attempt to refocus your perspective. Being more optimistic about life, having less impractical expectations of yourself and others, and being more receptive to change will help you feel revitalized. Remember that these changes will not occur quickly and require significant effort to become permanent.

Unbalanced Lifestyle

It is simple to become distracted by various aspects of your life. Examples include missing lunch to complete a project or working late. It can also involve hanging out with pals till the wee hours of the morning despite having work the next day. When these incidents occur seldom, it is simpler to deal with their consequences. But consistently disregarding your health is an easy way to become exhausted.

Work, social life, and personal health are all essential, but you must maintain a healthy balance between them. To restore balance to your life, consider how you spend your time. Determine what you can do to use your time more effectively.

Stressful Environments

Living continuously through stressful situations or in a stressful setting is a surefire way to exhaust yourself. This stress may result from your employment, a person in your life, or a scenario you must manage. There will always be challenging circumstances to navigate, but the stress should eventually subside. The difficulty has ongoing tension.

To resolve this issue, consider the stresses you can manage. It includes eliminating harmful individuals from your life and switching careers. 


We hope you enjoyed this blog post on the causes of burnout! We want to help you take the steps necessary to avoid burnout so you can feel healthy and happy with your job. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that burnout can happen when the work you do is so tiring, but it’s essential to take care of yourself to stay motivated. If you want to avoid burnout, there are many things you can do, such as finding healthier alternatives to your lifestyle, finding ways to stay mentally and physically fit, and finding ways to avoid stressful environments. 

In our next article, we will discuss another aspect of burnout, prevention. Be sure to check it out by following us on FB or Twitter. For now, you may check our other articles below. Thanks for reading.

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