5 Common Side Effects of Detox


In previous articles in this detox series, we discussed the factors to consider before undergoing a detoxthe ways to detox your body, and the reasons to detox. This time, let’s focus on the common side effects.

In terms of detox side effects, it depends on which detox diet plan you choose to follow. Consuming organic foods, for instance, is an easy way to detoxify the body. When you stop consuming unnatural foods, your body can begin to eliminate the accumulated toxins. Alternatively, there is the water and juice fast. Both of these approaches involve drinking only water and juice, respectively. You will experience more side effects because our bodies are accustomed to and dependent on solid foods.

5 Common Side Effects of Detox

Here are five common side effects of detox.


It seems paradoxical that drowsiness and fatigue are side effects of a body cleanse or detox. One of the reasons why people opt for cleanses is to combat fatigue. You will experience an increase in energy after your cleanse. You will experience fatigue and lethargy during the cleansing process. That is a common side effect of water or juice fasting, as the body is temporarily deprived of essential nutrients.


Headaches are common, but they can be excruciating and aggravating as a side effect of detoxification. This side effect has several causes, but withdrawal is the most common. You may experience withdrawal symptoms even if you do not consume drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. Caffeine is likely the cause of it.

Even if you only consume two cups of coffee or two cans of soda, your body may have developed a tolerance to caffeine. These beverages must be eliminated from your diet during a body cleanse. The outcome could range from a mild to severe headache. The good news is that following your cleanse, you may finally be free of caffeine and no longer require it to function.

Increased Urination

Whether you consume organic foods, only fruits, vegetables, water fast, or a juice fast, you will consume a significant amount of liquids. These liquids are essential because they help to flush toxins from the body. Unfortunately, consuming more liquids results in more bathroom visits.


In addition to increased urination, you may also experience increased bowel movements, manifesting initially as diarrhea. As humiliating as this may be, it is beneficial to your health. Why? Since it eliminates toxins naturally. The more you urinate, the more effective your body’s detoxification or cleansing is.

Infrequently. While on a body cleanse or detox, many individuals wonder if they need to alter their schedules. Consequently, if you opt for a colon cleanse instead of a full-body detox, you will need to make minor adjustments. Colon cleanses utilizing salt water flushes, or pills are typically more efficient and expedient.


Nausea is a common side effect of body cleansing and detoxification. It’s a common side effect, but its underlying causes vary. You may experience withdrawal symptoms if you are addicted to alcohol, caffeine, or cigarettes. Nausea and vomiting are frequent symptoms of withdrawal.

The Master Cleanse, water fasting, and juice fasting all require the exclusion of solid foods. The first few days of your detox will be marked by intense hunger. Although it will pass, you may experience nausea.


These side effects are only a few of the many that you may encounter while on a body detox or cleanse. Your body type and detox plans may vary, so you may or may not experience side effects, or you may experience more.

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