5 Signs You Are Too Tired

5 Signs You Are Too Tired


It’s normal to feel tired at the end of a long day. That is how the body tells you it needs to rest. But if you always feel tired, it’s time to pay attention to your physical and mental health.

A recent National Safety Council (NSC) study found that two-thirds of the US workforce gets tired at work, concluding that nearly 107 million of the 160 million workers in the US are affected.

5 Signs You Are Too Tired

Let’s look at five ways to tell if you’re too tired and how to start feeling more alert and calm.

Putting off social plans

It is often the first sign that people notice. It may seem to you and others that you have a busy schedule and just need a break. But you find yourself having to cancel more often because you can’t shake how tired you are.

If this happens, it’s time to consider your habits and any health issues that worry you. Recognize any changes in your mental health, such as extra anxiety or depression, and get professional help if needed.

If you meet with your racquetball team every week but are too tired to cook dinner by the time you get home and your sleep pattern has changed, it’s time to step back. Instead of canceling all social plans, filter out the less important ones. The most important thing is your health, not the game.

Now start switching. Write down the types of food and liquids you eat and drink each week. Choose a fresh piece of salmon and grilled asparagus if fish and chips are on the menu. If you want a snack before bed, grab some popcorn. Ensure you are full before you sleep to get a more extended rest. 

Constant Mode Changes

As people, we have feelings built-in (happy, sad, frustrated, among others). These feelings help us figure out how to act in every situation.

But when the mind and body don’t get enough rest, they respond with bad tempers. If your moods are getting the best of you, take a deep breath, check your habits that might be keeping you from getting enough sleep, and change them.

One of the things that Americans like to do for fun is play with electronics. We have TVs, computers, smartphones, and so much more. Since our schedules are busier than ever, we often do this before bed because it’s the only time left.

“60% of Americans watch TV right before going to sleep, and 61% say they leave their electronics on all night,” says the National Sleep Foundation poll. All of this made it hard to get a good night’s sleep. Instead, put phones and tablets away an hour before bed. Choose something quiet, like reading a book, to relax your body and mind. Take deep breaths and let go of the day to sleep well. 


When your body and mind don’t get enough rest, your brain tries to figure out what happened the day before. It makes you feel tired and forgetful.

It’s normal to “draw a blank” occasionally, but if it happens often, it means something is wrong. When this pattern keeps happening, it can make a person afraid of being judged, which can lead to anxiety and being alone. Instead, prioritize sleep; your brain will give you a better, more alert, and focused mind.

It takes daily practice to learn how to sleep better. Relaxing before bed is an excellent way to start letting go of the day. A list or calendar book can be one of these things. Write a trigger phrase down. These few words explain everything you need to know. By writing down the main points, you can use the part of your brain that helps you learn visually to remember the details. Put the book away and let your feelings about tomorrow rest for the night. 

Lacking empathy for others

It’s in our nature to care about the people around us. We can work as a society if we all understand and share the same feelings.

When that sensory function is messed up, it leads to actions and responses that are not sympathetic. When the body and mind are always trying to catch up because they haven’t had enough rest, the brain is too tired to think of an acceptable answer. People may think your words are cold and sad, making them uncomfortable.

When you can’t feel what your peers feel, it’s time to take a break and think about yourself again. Make sure you eat well and get enough sleep. If you still feel the same way, you should see your family doctor to ensure your health hasn’t changed. Put your health first and think about how you feel about others again. Use this routine every day. 

Lacking overall energy

Our whole body gets tired when we eat poorly and don’t get enough sleep. We are not made to be awake all the time. Without rest, our minds cannot relax, releasing negative thoughts and low energy.

Be careful about how you sleep and what you eat in general. The body starts to break down when we take advantage of being unable to sleep by eating sugary snacks and drinking drinks with caffeine. Instead, change how you do things.

Try making time for physical activity. When you have a craving, go outside and walk it off. When you get home, treat yourself to a cold protein shake. Quick body movements allow your brain to change the craving.

You have a great option when you get hungry late at night. Try a new healthy recipe every week to focus on that instead of the potato chips. With these few changes to your habits, you’ll have more energy and be able to concentrate better overall.


Listening to your body and recognizing when you are pushing yourself too hard is essential. By being aware of these five signs, you can take steps to address your fatigue before it becomes a bigger problem. If you continue to experience these signs of tiredness, consult with your healthcare provider to rule out any underlying medical conditions.

Thank you for reading, and we wish you all the best in your journey toward improved health and well-being.

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