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If you’re an affiliate marketer, whatever you’re selling, you’re up against a slew of competition. There could be dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other affiliates marketing the same or similar products.

And do you know what else?

You’re unlikely to sell anything if you simply run about the internet plastering banner advertising here and there. Other affiliates will outsell you on any given day of the week. Your advertisements will be lost in the noise.

But hold on.

Being beaten by the competition happens to mediocre affiliates. So, don’t be average. Once you’ve mastered the same strategies as the top affiliates, you can outsell the competition. 

How to Sell More Affiliate Products More than Ever

Let’s begin immediately with these three suggestions and tactics for transforming you into a leading affiliate marketer.

#1: Ensure That Your Audience Is Engaged

Consider what the top affiliates are doing; you’ll see that their primary objective is not to get cold traffic to the vendor’s sale page. Rather than that, super-affiliates direct traffic to their lead sites, establish an audience, connect with them, and then direct this audience to their affiliate links.

Numerous prospective affiliates observe this method and attempt to replicate it. They aggressively promote offerings. They create landing pages; they build their list by giving away appealing lead magnets and bombard their list with emails.

And what occurs?


Nothing, because the list is about as responsive (and lucrative) as a dying weed.

Therefore, what went wrong?

In most situations, the issue stems from the fact that the affiliate never developed a relationship with the list. They never piqued the audience’s interest.

Just because someone subscribed to your list does not mean they have become your best buddy and will read and open every email you send. Only your mother will do that. For the rest, you must earn their trust.

Therefore, you must ensure that each email has quality “edutaining” information. That is educational information that is also amusing. Because your prospects want solutions to their problems, not to be bored to death by your lecture.

Here are a few additional tips for capturing your audience’s attention:

  • Conduct market research to ascertain what your subscribers desire and then provide it. Test, test, and test again to determine what they prefer, and then offer them more of what they want (and less of what they don’t want).
  • Distribute your best work for free. When your subscribers realize the incredible insights you’re offering for free, their trust will develop exponentially, which will result in sales. Additionally, you’ll activate the reciprocity trigger, making your subscribers feel obligated and pressured to purchase your product.
  • Contact them frequently via email. You cannot develop a relationship and engage people in the brick-and-mortar world by communicating with them on a once-in-a-blue-moon basis. The same is true of your subscribers. To establish a positive relationship with them, you must send them educational emails at least once a week.
  • Make positive recommendations. If you would not recommend them to your mother or best friend, do not offer them to your list.

#2: Promote the Offer in Advance

Tossing a link in front of your audience with little commentary will send you to the affiliate poorhouse. Your viewers are already inundated with advertisements, banners, and links; they certainly don’t need you to slap another one in their faces.

As an affiliate, you’re responsible for sorting through the various items in your field, reviewing them, and recommending only the finest to your audience.

THAT IS WHAT YOUR AUDIENCE DESIRES. They want to learn about the product’s advantages. They’re interested in knowing what you think of the product. They’re curious as to why they should purchase it.

Your readers desire to be guided. They are not interested in sorting through all the material on their own to determine whether the product is suitable for them. They wish for you to inform them.

So what are you to do?

It’s relatively simple: you need to presell the offer. This requires you to send many emails covering the product’s features and address your prospects’ most likely objections. You warm your audience to the offer. They’ll have their credit card in hand and their mouse poised to hit the “purchase” button even before the sales page loads.

Finally, here’s another strategy for outselling your competitors.

#3: Increase the Offer’s Value

You can produce a product or service and offer it as a gift to anyone who purchases an affiliate product via your link. You will attract many buyers via your link if you provide something desired, valuable, and closely related to the original offer. You’re up against the stiff competition, with everyone promoting the same product. Therefore, here’s how you can outsell everyone else: add value to the offer.

For instance, if you’re pushing software, you could develop a video instructing customers on how to install, tweak, and maximize the software’s benefits.

Consider the following scenario: you’re selling a copywriting book. You might compile a massive swipe file and headline templates and give them as a gift to everyone who purchases via your link.

Consider another scenario: you’re offering a collection of bodybuilding DVDs covering everything from lifts to nutrition. You might provide meal planning software to assist consumers with bulking and reducing cycles.

The bottom line is that if your supplementary product improves the usability or enjoyment of the primary, there is a reasonable probability it will increase conversions and earn you more money.


These three tips you learned are not meant to be used in isolation. Rather than that, you must combine them for optimum effect. Adding value to an offer is ineffective if you present it to an unresponsive audience. Preselling it to a dormant list is likewise futile. And, to be honest, adding value to an offer is ineffective unless you’re also preselling it. Thus, the aim is to combine these strategies for the most significant profit.


These are only three easy actions you can take to increase your conversion rate significantly, and there are countless more. For more tips, visit Affiliate Profits Club and learn the top affiliates’ strategies and methods to develop and maintain their affiliate businesses. You can also get a FREE silver membership today. 

You won’t find a better way to discover the truth about affiliate marketing anywhere else, so check it out today – and hurry because this giveaway may expire soon.

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