11 Tips To Avoid Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

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Most likely, you chuckled as you read that title, thinking: “That’s about as feasible as Santa Claus going down millions of chimneys on Christmas Eve.” 

However, what if we told you it was possible? What if you had some scientifically validated techniques at your disposal? Would you then believe us?

What do you have to lose? Take a look at the top ten ways to avoid holiday weight gain.

Let us begin!

Keep a realistic perspective.

You are aware that the holidays are synonymous with fantastic parties and delectable food. As a result, pretending to consume only one Christmas cookie is the polar opposite of realistic.

Rather than going to extremes, attempt to be honest with yourself.

Recognize that you will consume more food than usual and that you will need to establish some boundaries.

Attaining impartial goals is difficult, if not impossible.

The most valuable gift you can give yourself is a healthier relationship with food.

Make a list of attainable goals and stick them to your dresser or refrigerator. Daily seeing them will provide you with the motivation and confidence necessary to carry out your plans.

Make Sound Decisions

Snack on high-fiber foods, vegetables, and proteins an hour before attending a party or event. All of these will help you feel fuller for a more extended period.

Then, once at the event, switch to smaller plates. You will be compelled to consume smaller portions.

Additionally, slowly chewing is a prudent choice. We understand that parties are not the ideal setting for savoring each bite. However, if you give it a try, you’ll notice how delectable everything is and how quickly you’ll feel full.

Distribute Farewell Gifts

Have you hosted a party and now find yourself with piles of leftovers in your kitchen? Rather than being stuck with them, why not distribute them as parting gifts?

You can purchase disposable food containers, fill them, and distribute them as your guests depart. Even better, choose holiday-themed containers to earn bonus hostess points.

Take It Easy With The Alcohol

When you consume alcoholic beverages, you are unknowingly consuming additional calories. For instance, a regular beer contains approximately 153 calories, while a glass of wine contains about 133 calories.

Not only that, but excessive drinking causes irresponsible behavior, particularly around food. Assume you typically eat only a few snacks here and there.

However, when inebriated, you are more likely to disregard caution.

You may find yourself devouring an entire plate of cookies rather than just a couple as you usually would.

Consolidate Leftovers

If you do not feel comfortable giving leftovers to your guests, you may keep the excess. However, do not store them in the refrigerator.

Rather than that, freeze them.

You’ll be less tempted to reach for additional servings. Additionally, you’ll have a prepared dinner ready to serve at a later date.

Drink Water

Water is somewhat undervalued. Without a doubt, it is colorless and odorless. However, it provides us with many health benefits that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Let’s begin with that today, as we’re focusing on avoiding weight gain.

Consuming water consistently throughout the day will assist you in losing weight. It makes you feel satisfied, which means you eat less.

More importantly, it is free of artificial sugars, which contribute to an increase in caloric intake. Each day, limit yourself to one glass of soda, juice, or wine.

Then, for the remainder of the day, consume only water. You’ll begin to feel less tense and exhausted as water flushes toxins from your body.

Chew Gums

Can chewing gum help you lose weight? That one is still up for debate.

However, it is an excellent way to divert your attention. Because your mouth is already full of something to chew, you’re less likely to help yourself to seconds.

It’s also acceptable if you prefer hard candy over chewing gum, but ensure that you purchase the sugar-free variety to avoid causing damage to your teeth.

Switch off the television

Consuming food while watching television has been associated with overeating and making poor food choices. You become absorbed by whatever you are watching. Then, before you know it, that freshly opened bag of chips has devolved into a strewn-about mound of crumbs.

It is not just mindless watching that captures your attention. Additionally, those commercials for processed snacks and sugary beverages contribute to our increased desire for low-nutrient junk food.

Take Your Steps

Not everyone can devote three days a week to the gym during the holidays. Already, we have far too much on our plates!

To compensate, you must make a conscious decision to remain active. Why not take the stairs rather than the elevator? How about parking further away from the mall entrance, requiring you to walk a few extra steps? It will assist in burning off those excess calories. Additionally, any form of physical exercise relieves stress and pent-up tension that you may be experiencing due to the holiday hustle and bustle.


The holiday season is joyous and merry. Additionally, it is laden with stress and anxiety.

The issue is that excessive stress frequently results in cravings and overeating. And what are you going to reach for first when you’re anxious and tense? Naturally, sugary snacks that are high in carbs!

Numerous studies have established a direct link between stress-induced eating and obesity. Therefore, rather than succumbing to the holiday strain, try some de-stressors. It can be as straightforward as five minutes of mindful meditation or reading a favorite book.

If you’re looking for something more hands-on, why not indulge in a facial? While you’re there, you can also get a mani-pedi. You deserve it! After all, this is the most lovely time of year. 

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