5 Simple (or Maybe not) Ways to Eat Without Gaining Weight

This may seem like one of those pesky pop-up ads online claiming some excellent fitness solution “in just 30 days!”. 

Most would assume that eating more food is entirely counterproductive to lose (or maintain) a certain body weight when it comes to weight management. There is some truth to this assumption because any excess food will go somewhere. (Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be converted). 

However, a few gimmick-free ways can allow you to eat “more” and not necessarily gain weight. We will describe five tricks in detail. Have your cake and eat it too. So to say.

Portion Size Versus Calories

Depending on the food options, size is not directly proportional to the number of calories. For example, a fist-sized portion of lean chicken has much lesser calories compared to a chocolate cake of the same size.

So, how can you eat more and gain less weight? The answer is picking out foods that are relatively low in calories relative to serving size. Go for foods with low-calorie counts.

Consider Your Eating Windows

Eating within a relatively short window may seem like a way to feel like you can eat guilt-free. However, please note that it is not required. The approach may also be somewhat difficult at first, but your body will adjust over time if you can maintain willpower. But if you can do it, it’s an excellent option to eat more without impacting your weight.

Be Mindful of Liquid Calories

Sugary drinks and frozen beverages are some of the quickest ways you can go overboard. A few bottles can max out your daily calorie recommendation, and they can leave you with less room for more food. It’s better to choose a low-calorie alternative.

Choose Whole Foods versus Processed Ones

Whole foods are superior to processed foods and have fewer calories because they are spared the refinement process. That means they have no preservatives and sweeteners that add more calories but fewer nutrients. It is difficult to avoid processed foods all the time but go for whole foods whenever you can.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.

Exercise burns calories. It’s simple as that, but not so simple to do. The amount of exercise required to burn a significant number of calories is pretty high. Eating till you are stuffed and trying to undo the situation on a treadmill is not very efficient. However, getting enough exercise will allow you to eat more while reducing your body-stored calories. 

So there you have it, the simple (or maybe not) to eat without gaining too much weight. Please feel to comment or share this article or let us know your comments.

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