3 Debunked Misconceptions about Pinterest


Indeed, individuals who have never used a particular social media platform can easily fall for the platform’s myths. Pinterest, too, has its share of widely held beliefs. However, let’s examine some of the most prevalent ones that businesses may believe—either due to misinformation or to avoid adding another social media site to their marketing strategy.

Only women in their forties and fifties use Pinterest.

Pinterest gives a diverse population a creative outlet. It is not limited to do-it-yourselfers or crafters. It has 100 million monthly active users, which is more than the population of middle-aged women. Men are increasingly using Pinterest to gather, organize, and generate new ideas for their projects. Additionally, a third of Millennials use Pinterest frequently to plan their futures. Their weddings and career planning, entrepreneurial ideas, and home décor are among the topics young people pin about. Every day, even Millennial males join Pinterest to plan and dream about their futures. Pinterest’s visual format provides a space for people of all ages, genders, and races to dream, create, and design.

All hashtags are identical.

We’ve grown so accustomed to using hashtags on social media that we assume they work consistently across platforms. What works on Twitter or Instagram may not work on Pinterest. Because many people use Pinterest as their primary social media platform and are unfamiliar with hashtags, they are of little use. Additionally, because Pinterest functions as a search engine, hashtags are superfluous. Unlike other social media platforms, where a hashtag helps you locate trending global information, you need a good keyword. Suppose you’re targeting specific demographics or savvy social media users. In that case, a hashtag or two won’t hurt, but it’s recommended that you create a hashtag using your brand name rather than a topic or keyword. Otherwise, Pinterest suggests disabling them entirely. Finally, Pinterest allows you to use only one hashtag per Promoted Pin, which speaks volumes about its ineffectiveness.

Utilizing a social media schedule is unethical, inauthentic, and tedious.

If you intend to conduct all of your social media postings in real-time, you will accomplish nothing else. The majority of Pinterest marketing gurus recommend that brands pin up to 30+ times per day, but as you can see, this recommendation is ineffective. Furthermore, it is simply not true. Pinterest’s Smart Feed Algorithm does not prioritize real-time posting. What is critical, however, is your pins’ consistency and timing. Establishing a schedule that ensures you post consistently when most of your target audience is on Pinterest will give you a marketing advantage.

In conclusion, take note that Pinterest is a fast-growing platform. In fact, it currently has almost half a billion monthly users, which is pretty massive. That’s a market that you can’t simply ignore. It’s time to check whatever beliefs you may have about the platform. Those beliefs may merely be misconceptions.

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