6 Tips to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder


We’ve all been told to work harder if we’re going to succeed, if we’re going to do more, and if we’re going to maximize our potential. But what if you could get just as much done – or more – if you worked smarter instead of harder?

Of course, working hard and being diligent in getting ahead personally and professionally is commendable. But, once again, it’s even more admirable if you find tools and strategies that aid the process.

Technology has made many things more manageable and less time-consuming. Many devices and software provide speed, accuracy, and real-time directives to make better decisions.

Let’s take Google maps as an example. It’s virtually impossible now to get lost. Unless you’re going to the mountains, there’s no more need to ask others where to find that restaurant, office, or anywhere you want to go.

It’s time to shift your mindset. If you can’t work hard and work smart simultaneously, choose to work smart, not hard.

6 Tips to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

Enjoy the benefits of working smarter! Use these tips as a springboard to help you save time and become more productive.

Avoid reinventing the wheel unnecessarily. 

Working smarter sometimes means not trying to reinvent the wheel unnecessarily. That is not to say you should not reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it is necessary. However, if you have a task to complete, ask if there is already a standard or tested way of doing it. It is a standard for a reason.

Break down the task. 

Always look for ways to tackle the task or make it easier or quicker. Efficiency and effectiveness are desired above all. Sometimes a job can seem daunting, but often, that’s because you think you have to do it all. Most of the time, you’re not. Break the task into smaller tasks or sub-tasks. You can then tackle the small tasks one by one. You can even delegate some.

Understand clearly the output.

Be clear of what needs to be done and determine your best options or alternatives. We can be impulsive at times. Our first option is to do the task as soon as it is assigned to us that we forget to think about how best we can do it. Always consider your deadline and plan your execution.

Analyze the task. Before executing your task or sub-task, check if you can achieve it another way. Is there a standard procedure? Is it still applicable? Maybe you can automate or semi-automate the task once you break it down into sub-tasks. Be inventive and imaginative.


Identify people who perform specific tasks better than you. If so, delegate it to them. Provide clear instructions on what you want to achieve, and then allow them to use their initiative and creativity. You don’t have to do it all. Remember that.

You can delegate routinary tasks, for a start. There is no learning opportunity in doing them, especially if you have done it enough times. Passing them off will still get the job done well while freeing you to deal with more critical ones. Besides, it can be less costly if you consider the value of your time.

Keep track of your progress. 

It’s helpful to routinely track what you’ve done or are currently working on. It provides accountability, transparency, and traceability of your accomplishments. It will also come in handy when it’s time for your annual review. It will help you to move up in your career. More importantly, you don’t have to remember where things are about the task. It can be challenging because you are not just doing one most of the time.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to track your progress. Here are two that we can recommend depending needs: Taskade & Plutio.

Show gratitude. 

If you have co-workers or employees, you’ll develop loyalty when you show them that you’re thankful for their efforts. They are more likely to help you in the future. Your appreciation encourages them to help you again when you need it. It also shows them that you value their contributions. Even if you pay them, they will remember more about how you make them feel, not much about the amount you give.


Working smarter is for you if you’re committed to getting things done effectively and efficiently. It is for everybody, even if you consider yourself a hard worker. Working smart will make it better.

These tips will help you achieve it. Once you add tools, technology, and strategy, you can enjoy peak performance. You’ll be on your way to a productive life.

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