5 Ways to Remain Self-Motivated After a Setback

5 Ways to Remain Motivated after a Setback


You accomplished it! You mastered the art of self-motivation. It was no easy task, but you’ve achieved it. Right?

Not so fast. Simply because you’ve mastered the art of motivating yourself does not mean the pursuit is over and you’ve won the game.

Many things can stir you away from your motivated self. One of them is a setback or failure. How you manage setbacks or failures can determine whether you will fall forward or backward.

5 Ways to Remain Self-Motivated After a Setback

Life has its ups and downs; individuals experience their ups and downs. You may experience a setback (or several) and have no idea how your mindset might shift in that event. However, managing setbacks and failures is a critical part of life.

If you’ve gone far as a self-motivated individual, you’ve probably had to confront your limitations in the past. While this may sound difficult, it is critical to remain realistic after a setback. It is not the end of the game; you have entered a new level and stage of life that you must master.

Consider the following five strategies for maintaining self-motivation following a setback or failure:

Rethink Your Strategy.

If you continue to do the same things for the rest of your life without changing your approaches, you’re unlikely to make any progress. When you encounter a roadblock, take it as an opportunity to devise a new route around it.

Spend Time with People Who Give You a Sense of Well-Being.

Not everyone makes you feel good about yourself, and those who don’t are most emphatically not going to assist you in getting back on your feet. Whether it’s a personality clash or someone who puts you down, it may be prudent to withdraw if you feel you’re leaving a social engagement with more negative than positive feelings.

Provide Some Self-Care.

When you have a setback, the first thing you may do is become enraged with yourself. In a matter of moments, you can switch from a self-motivated to a self-destructing mindset. That’s not good. Instead, remind yourself of all the positive things you’ve achieved and your attractive qualities. Allow yourself a specified period of self-care since once you’ve beaten yourself up about something, it’s much more challenging to re-ignite your inspiration levels afterward.

Reward Yourself.

At least once a day, engage in at least one uplifting activity. That does not imply you have to devour a pint of ice cream or spend the entire day in bed. That is, you should engage in constructive activity that brings you joy. Consider going for a walk outside or preparing a healthy, delectable lunch. Perhaps you’d want to take up a new routine or begin attending the gym.

Allow the past to remain in the past.

The past is so-called for a reason. You might spend hours debating what occurred before your setback and how you might have avoided it. Given that hindsight is 20/20, the only outcome is that you will feel worse. Be confident in your choices and avoid looking back. 


It can be easy to get discouraged when certain plans fail or when you have a setback. But, you can do many things to help you remain motivated. By spending time with people who give you a sense of well-being, providing yourself with some self-care, and rewarding yourself, you can make sure you remain motivated. As you deal with more, managing setbacks and failure can get easier.

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