5 Proven Ways To Supercharge Your Conversion Rate


It’s easy to write a sales letter. But it takes a bit more work to write one that actually gets people to buy instead of just looking.

How are your sales doing? How well does your copy work for you?

5 Proven Ways To Supercharge Your Conversion Rate

If you think your sales copy could use a few changes to help you make more sales, check out these five tips and tricks for boosting your conversion rate.

Create a Powerful Headline

Your headline needs to have many benefits that make it stand out. If you can add a little bit of interest, that would be even better. You only have a nanosecond to get your reader’s attention with your headline. 

Here’s what you should do!

Sit down and give your offer a good look. Then, ask yourself what the best things about this offer are. Which of these benefits do you think your prospects will value the most?

You can think of these top few benefits as rules. You’re trying to get your prospects’ attention in a busy market. Everyone and their brother are trying the same thing. Everyone is yelling, waving bright, shiny things, and dancing in strange ways.

Once you have done that, fire your big canons. Now that will get people’s attention.

It’s like grabbing your prospect by the collar and telling him, “You have a terrible problem that has been bothering you for a long time. Now you can finally get rid of it. “

It would be even better if you could promise to solve the problem quickly and easily.

So let me give you an example:

“Discover the #1 Fat Loss Trick Hollywood Celebrities Use Whenever They Need to Quickly and Easily Burn 20 Pounds – Now Just Imagine What It Will Do for You! “

See what I mean? It promises to help in a big way. It makes you curious. It even throws in a bit of social proof to make the whole thing seem more real and exciting. Now you have your prospect’s attention.

Next up!

Focus on your reader.

People sometimes say, “A potential customer will never read something that long!” Or, “They won’t watch the whole video!” Or anything similar.

But let me ask you a question.

Would you read a book about yourself? I’m talking about something like “The Life and Times of [Your Name Here].”

Heck ya! You would listen to every word with great interest and a strong desire to know what the author would say next about you. That’s because we’re all a little self-centered and interested in ourselves.

So, what now? The same goes for your audience. They’re all about themselves. Most of the time, they care about themselves, their problems, and how they feel. So, if you write a sales letter about your prospect, you can be sure they will read every word.

Here’s a quick way to see if your writing is all about your readers: Look at how often you use “you” and “your” instead of “I,” “me,” or “we.” If you use “I” a lot, it’s time to make your writing more about the reader.

Consider the Skimmers

Oh yeah, it would be awesome if your prospects read every word of your sales page from start to finish. But what do you know? Many people will skim over the page. And your copy has to convince them as well.


By formatting your letter to spoon-feed the benefits of your offer to your skimmers! It means putting the most essential benefits front, center, and end.

For example:

  • Sprinkle bolded subheadlines throughout your copy to showcase benefits and arouse curiosity.
  • Use Johnson boxes to pull out significant bits of text like testimonials.
  • Put benefit statements in a bulleted list.
  • Add a P.S. to the bottom of your sales page.
  • Highlight important text using bold, italics, or other emphases. (Don’t overdo it, as you don’t want your sales page to look like a three-ring circus.)
  • Use graphics with captions to draw in the reader’s eyes.

Here’s what you should do.

Skim your sales letter and only read the parts that stand out, such as subheadlines, bulleted lists, Johnson boxes, bolded text, and large fonts. Now, ask yourself if the parts you’ve highlighted show off the best of what you have to offer. If not, you need to fix the way you formatted it.

Next up!

Create a sense of urgency.

Your sales page or video kept your prospects interested until the end. They are interested in what you have to offer. You tell them exactly what they need to do next to place an order.

Then what happens? The prospect just sits there like a turtle laying on a log to get some sun. And the sale is lost.

If you let your prospects put off making a decision, they will. They could want to “sleep on it.” Some might even mean returning and ordering later, but they never do. Things come up in life. They don’t remember you. The rush to buy that you made them feel starts to go away. Suddenly, buying your product doesn’t seem as important or urgent.

You know what you have to do, right?

You need to make your prospects feel like they need to act quickly. You should give them a reason to order right away. Make them feel like they can’t even leave the page until they’ve placed their order.

How do you do this?

Well, there are many ways to create this sense of urgency. But one excellent way is to make people afraid of missing out.

For instance:

  • Make a limited offer, like a workshop with only a certain number of spots, and people will buy because they don’t want to miss out.
  • Make a discount offer that is only good for a limited time. It will make your prospects feel like they will miss out on a great deal if they don’t order immediately.
  • Offer a special bonus gift to the first 100 people who order. It will increase the number of people who buy from you because no one wants to miss out on a great freebie.

So now you know what I mean. Make people feel like they are missing out on something great, and they’ll be more likely to click the order button.

And lastly.

Tweak, Test, and Track

You can make a sales letter that looks great to you, but that doesn’t mean that your potential customers will rush to their wallets. You can’t tell if your sales letter is making sales unless you track, test, and change it.

You make one change to your sales letter, like the headline, and then use an A/B split-testing script to send random traffic to the two versions. Then, you can keep the one that puts the most money in your bank account. Repeat this process with the headline until you have the best headline possible. If you keep doing this with every part of your sales letter, you’ll have one that gets many responses and makes much money in no time.


So, there you have it: five tried-and-true ways to boost your conversion. Of course, these five ways aren’t the only ones. Not in the least. If you want to make more sales, you need to learn how to write copy that sells like hotcakes.

Good traffic won’t be enough. An enormous list won’t do it. Even a million affiliates won’t make you money if your sales letter doesn’t turn people who are just looking into buyers.

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