5 Micro Habits to Get Things in Order

5 Micro Habits to Get Things in Order


Feeling disorganized and lost? More people feel that way than you might think. Even though your social media may make it seem like everyone is organized and likes to make pantries that look good on Pinterest, most people could use a little help getting more organized.

5 Micro Habits to Get Things in Order

Micro habits are great for keeping all sorts of things in order. They can make a big difference in how ready you feel at work and home. Being better organized can save money, time, worry, and stress.

If you’ve been on the fence about starting micro habits, one of the easiest and most helpful places to start is with organization. 

Here are some tremendous micro habits that help anyone feel more organized.

Empty your car every time you come home.

Keeping your car clean is easy if you clean it out every time you come home. Put a trash can near your vehicle and take out the trash as you get out. Keep a box or bag in your car to pick up lost clothes, sports gear, water bottles, etc., and bring them inside. You can even buy a hand-held vacuum to keep in the garage and use it to clean the floors quickly. 

Do something every day with the mail.

When you check your mail, throwing it in the car, on the counter, or in a pile is easy, but there are better ways to deal with it. 

Get rid of junk mail immediately, open bills and put them in a safe place, and deal with any other correspondence that needs your attention.

Make a staging area near the door.

Put everything you’ll need for the next day by the door before bed. Setting out your bags, sports equipment, workout gear, backpacks, and anything else you need to get out the door can help you remember everything and leave the house on time. 

Use specific boxes to get rid of clutter.

Give each family member a box or basket, put their things in it as you clean, and tell them to take it to their room when they go to sleep at night. It can help eliminate clutter, reduce trips to different rooms, and give everyone a central place for their things.

Invest in clear containers for storage.

Seeing is believing, whether it’s shoes or food in the fridge. Keeping things organized and easy to find is easier when you store them in clear containers. It also makes it less likely that you’ll buy duplicates of something you forgot you already had.


Small habits make staying organized much more effortless. All of them will help your home and life feel more put together and easier to handle.

Find the micro habits that make sense for you and your family and start doing them right away.

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