3 Reasons Why Habits Matter More Than Goals

3 Reasons Why Habits Matter More Than Goals


There’s a lot of information about setting goals out there. Businesses often set goals, and many people set new goals at the start of the new year to make positive changes.

Goals are important. They represent plans, hopes, and dreams. If you’ve ever set goals before, you know how exciting it is to create them and set your sights on achieving them.

Setting goals is essential, but they won’t help you get anywhere if you don’t develop the habits you need to get there.

3 Reasons Why Habits Matter More Than Goals

Having goals may not be as important as having good habits. Here are three explanations:

Goals motivate, but habits keep you going.

Inspiration is less important than being able to keep going. Goals can be a big boost. Anyone can get excited about what could happen when they think of new ideas. During the goal-setting stage, anything goes. “If you can dream it, you can do it,” as the saying goes, right? Usually not. 

Habits are more important than goals because they create something that will last. Goals can motivate and inspire you to make changes, but when the motivation goes away, so does the inspiration. 

When you make, do, and keep a habit, it becomes automatic over time. You don’t have to be inspired to brush your teeth; it’s just a good hygiene habit you do every day. Once you have integrated them into your life, you won’t feel good if you miss doing them.

Goals are challenging; habits are simple.

Goals are hard to achieve because we often miss considering the roadblocks, unexpected problems, or how likely we can reach them. If there isn’t a way to reach a goal, it’s easy to give up on it when it gets complicated. 

Building a system of habits can take time, but adding easy-to-do habits can help you get where you want to go faster. Because they are small, they are easy to form. If you keep doing them, they become easy. 

Goals have an end, but habits last.

Building up good habits is more important than reaching a goal. Goals are limited. If you decide to run a marathon, your goal is to reach the finish line. If you make it a habit to run every day, you have a healthy practice for life that goes beyond the goal of running a marathon. 

Setting a goal to make a certain amount of money by a specific date is a good goal, but what builds wealth is the habit of making consistent money and saving every time you get paid.


Having goals is great, but it’s more important to build habits that help you reach and surpass your goals. Ultimately, you can only achieve your dreams by developing the essential habits that make them possible. 

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