3 Proven Tips & 1 Mind-Blowing Way to Grow Your List Faster


If you had a dime every time you heard someone say, “the money is in the list,” you would be so wealthy that you would no longer need to build a list.

But here you are, compiling this list, whether for your affiliate marketing, email marketing, or other forms of online business. Perhaps you’re having trouble getting started. Or maybe you already have some contacts on your list but are looking for strategies to grow it even faster. Or perhaps you are already an expert list-builder, but you are always looking for a competitive advantage.

Regardless of your situation, this post will be beneficial. In the next few minutes, you’ll discover tried-and-true methods for quickly growing your list and a new tool that very few people know. (Spoiler: those who are aware of it adore it absolutely.)

Let’s jump in!

3 Proven Tips To Grow Your List Faster

Develop an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Before you can convince people to join your mailing list, you must provide them with a compelling reason. Consequently, you must give them an irresistible lead magnet.

Forget about retrieving old, crusty reports from your hard drive and uploading them. You must provide something new. Something enthralling. Something that will grab the attention of your prospects and have them rushing to the subscribe button.

If you do not know the answer, you must conduct market research. Alternatively, you can create an improved version of the best-selling info products in your niche. If people are willing to pay for content on the same topic from others, you can be confident they will be happy to receive it for free from you.

Additionally, avoid treating your freemium as if it were worthless. Instead, treat it with the same care you would like any of your paid products. Obtain a professional cover, a professional layout, and design for the interior, and ensure that the content is of high quality. It should be something you could sell quickly if you so desired.

Now for the next tip!

Bring About Targeted Visitors

Next, you must ensure that the traffic you’re driving to your lead page is targeted, i.e., visitors who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering on your lead page. If not, then your conversion rates will be dismal.

A common mistake made by marketers is to target too broadly, believing that quantity is superior to quality. It does not work that way.

For instance, suppose you are conducting a pay-per-click marketing campaign for a lead magnet on organic vegetable gardening. If you bid on broad keywords such as “organic gardening,” you may attract individuals who are not interested in it. Or, if you bid on a generic keyword such as “vegetable gardening,” you may attract individuals who are not interested in organic gardening.

The greater the quality of traffic, the more narrowly targeted your advertising campaign should be. In this instance, you could bid on keywords like “organic vegetable gardening tips.” What’s even better is if you can find a keyword with commercial intent, which indicates a buyer rather than a browser. e.g., “buy organic vegetable gardening book.”


Develop a Compelling Landing Page

You now have an irresistible freemium to offer your potential customers.

Now you must design a lead page that effectively communicates the awesomeness of your lead magnet. That involves emphasizing the benefits of your offer. You must answer the question circulating in your prospect’s mind: “What’s in it for me?”

Your landing page is not required to be lengthy. A benefit-driven headline, an opening sentence or two, a bulleted list of benefits, and a call to action should suffice for a short-form copy. Insert your captivating cover image, and you’re all set.

Nevertheless, this must all be persuasive. You cannot simply write a few words about your product and expect people to click the subscription button immediately. Your copy should excite prospects about what you have to offer.

Not sure how to proceed? Because your landing page can make or break your campaign’s success, you may want to outsource some process components.

Writing sales copy differs from writing a blog post, creating a freemium, or crafting an email to your newsletter subscribers. It requires a specific structure and style of writing. It should hit your audience emotionally, get them excited to get the product’s excellent results and consume them to the point where all they can think about is obtaining your lead magnet immediately. And if you don’t know how to evoke the ideal emotion to convince people to click your subscription button, you should hire a professional.

While discussing the lead page, let’s examine a related concept.

A Mind-Blowing Way to Grow Your List

Provide a Sample of Your Lead Magnet

Here’s something almost no one else does: provide a preview of the free information product you’re offering in exchange for your prospects’ email addresses.

As stated previously, you can write highly persuasive copy to convince people to subscribe. However, nothing surpasses providing a sneak peek of the lead magnet. People can see how engaging and valuable your freemium is, and they will be eager to join your mailing list to access the remainder of your freemium.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to accomplish this: use FlipGuardian.

FlipGuardian is publishing software that creates an engaging reading experience using animated page turns and sound effects for your prospects. It is not your grandfather’s PDF; this is much better!

The most remarkable feature of this software is the Lead Gate function.

It allows you to preview your lead magnet before the software captures the user’s email address and other information to add them to your list and unlock the rest of the product.

The best way for me to describe this product is by demonstrating its functionality. View the demo here.

Imagine you have a similar demo embedded on your landing page.

You have all the persuasive copy necessary to make people eagerly flip through your preview. They are addicted. They are impressed by what they are currently reading. So you can bet that when they reach the final page of the preview and are asked to join your list to access the complete product, they will enter their email address as quickly as possible!

Currently, this software platform is relatively new; however, those who use it adore it, and they love how embedding a flipbook on their landing pages increases conversions. It is also possible to embed these previews in other locations, such as blog posts, thank you pages, the homepage of your website, etc. Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities!

Check out this link for additional information and view other excellent demonstrations of this software’s capabilities.


Building a list today is more complicated than twenty years ago because there is so much more “noise” in each market. You compete with many people if you’re using a freemium to acquire targeted leads for your mailing list, so you need a bullhorn’s equivalent to be heard over the market’s background noise.

A persuasive lead magnet is helpful. But embedding a preview of your lead magnet using FlipGuardian’s Flip Player is better at getting your prospects to stop what they’re doing and focus on you. A lead page with compelling sales copy is required.

See for yourself how well FlipGuardian works by viewing the available demos on this page.

Imagine how successful you’ll be in expanding your mailing list using this innovative publishing platform. 

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