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Hi there, and welcome to the Online Wanderer, a place to learn about things and be free to explore new horizons, and relax, and get interested in something completely unexpected 🙂

The idea behind the OW:

We spend so much time worrying about bills, deadlines, loans, making it work, having it done, becoming the best, making them see our worth, judging and fearing judgment from others, being slaves to almighty dollar, politics, daily routines, obligations, liabilities – the list is endless, – which brings us ever so often to this sad sad culmination of our ever so short existence: we die before even having a chance to live, truly live, and experience life. Right, we experience things every day one could say. True, true. But think, how limited our experiences actually are. Work, traffic jams, drinks after work with colleagues you can (barely) stand, or barhopping, drinking and partying, or hurrying home to your sick kid, grocery shopping, dining out, watching tv, doing laundry, occasional workout, sex, sleep. A new day comes, and our old life kicks in again. Same old, same old.

When did you see the stars last? Actually had time to lay down and follow cloud shapes? Walk barefoot on green grass, or sand at the beach? Visit a place you have never been before? Learn about a subject which had no connection and apparent practical application to your daily routines whatsoever, just because the fancy stroke you to? Now you see. There is never time for that. Unless we make time for it.

So, back to where we started. Welcome to Online Wanderer, a lifestyle journal. You will find little to nothing here about latest politics, money-talks, adventures of (un)lucky starlets in the lalaland, crime and violence, and other things you are bombarded with from all around every day. But you will find snippets of what there is also in this world, like sailing, and gardening, and art history, and poetry, and gourmet cooking, and spices, and forests, and hundred of other different things, which make life interesting. Which makes life MORE.

Now the Question: Do you need it?

Your Host:

Running the show is one lucky person tucked safely in this exotic European country called Lithuania. Nothing out of the ordinary. Mid thirties, technical and medical translator (meaning mostly endless hours spent at my PC, while the real life happens outside those walls…), university graduate, parents, sister, brother, a couple of friends, an old beat up Ford…That’s about it. No grand passions and all-time-consuming hobbies. Or so it seems at first. And then again, there is this one thing. Wanting to experience MORE, and fill one’s brain and eyes with wonder, and stories, and places discovered, and things experienced. OW is the place to share all those things with you.

And now, the Answer: No. You do not need it. But you may want it. And I would feel honored with your choice to make OW part of your journey.

Enjoy, and happy surfing,


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